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SMD LED 5050 120° 3-chip 60mA 4500mcd Warm White


These SMD 5050 LEDs warm white are outstanding for indicators in control panels, mobile telephones and car radios and car multimedia entertainment, RC racing cars, model railways and technical toys, electronic projects with microcontrollers on printed circuit boards.

Technical specifications

Light color:Warm white
Brightness:4500 mcd
Beam Angle:120 °
behuizing:SMD 5050 formaat
Forward Voltage (VF):2.9 - 3.6 V
Forward Current (IF):60 mA
Operating Temperature:-40 ~ +80 °C
Lifetime:100000 hours
Directive: RoHS 2002/95/EC Compliant:

€ 0,45
Note: rounded to 25
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Bulk prices

≥ 25 € 0,45
≥ 50 € 0,43
≥ 100 € 0,41
≥ 250 € 0,39
≥ 500 € 0,37
SMD LED 5050 120° 3-chip 60mA 4500mcd Warm White
SMD LED 5050 120° 3-chip 60mA 4500mcd Warm White

LED resistor calculator

Choose your LED color:

Infra Red Deep Red Red Orange Yellow Yellow green Green Bluish green Blue White Warmwhite Pink Ultra Violet

LED’s Threshold Voltage (or click on LED color above)  V
Number of LED’s in serial  Eaches
Supply Voltage  V
LED current (watch the specification)  mA

Calculate the Resistor:    

Calculated resistance in Ohms  Ω
Rounded standard E12 value  Ω
Rounded Power using standart 5% resistor  W
Real current through the E12 resistor  mA
Dissipated Power in the LED  mW
Dissipated Power in the resistor  mW

In the chart below you can click on the color fields to update the resistor colors and values.

4-Band Code

Resistor02a Resistor02b Resistor02c Resistor02d Resistor02e Resistor02f
Resistor02h Resistor02i
 47 kΩ, 5%
Resistor04a Resistor04b Resistor04c Resistor04d Resistor04e Resistor04f Resistor04g Resistor04h Resistor04i Resistor04j Resistor04k
 470 kΩ, 1%

5-Band Code

Calculation Example


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