Product description

Four-channel RGBW LED strip touch controller allows four colors (red, green, blue and white) can be triggered separately from one another with an RF REMOTE CONTROL with color wheel.
  • wireless control
  • WIFI (Wifi Gateway)
  • brightness adjustable
  • color adjustable
  • program selection
  • UL (E344776) and CE certified, CE, EMC and LVD approved, RoHS
This is a 4-channel RGBW controller and makes it possible to have 4 colors (red, green, blue, and white) to separately control each other. There are 4 individual channels that can be loaded up to 6A max. Each. Maximum output power is 576W. The controller remembers the set color and brightness even after turning off the power supply.
This is a very suitable controller for various purposes. Eg as mood lighting, disco or party lights, or just interior. Because of the extra 4th channel, it is possible to add a white or warm white color. This in combination with the remote control makes it possible to quickly switch between a quiet, relaxing warm white color to a red, green or blue color, and every color between. Of every color the brightness can be adjusted independently.

Color ring - Where he "touched" the color he gets, with it you can get any color but white.
The brightness slide - Allows you to make it brighter or dimmer.
On Button - This puts it on.
Off button - you put him out.
S button - gives you speed down in dynamic fashion.
M button - Turns your dynamic mode (click on the color ring to turn it off again)
S + button - set the speed up of dynamic fashion.
W button - you can put white light brighter or less bright (9 positions)
R button - you can put red light brighter or less bright (9 positions)
G button - Allows you putting green light brighter or less bright (9 positions)
B Button - Allows you put blue light brighter or less bright (9 positions)

Static mode: - Each color is to get the color ring
- More precise control with the W / R / G / B buttons
- White mode is possible if you keep the "ON" button long (about 2 seconds)
- All Colors  are dim compatible with the slider button

Dynamic mode: - If you press the mode button you get different modes (the numbers is how many times you have to push):
1. White is appears and disappears.
2. Multiple colors appear and disappear.
3. R, G, B three colors appear and disappear.
4. R, G, B three colors flash.
5. Six colors flash.
6. Random color flashes.
7. Red color comes on and then flashes.
8. Green color comes on and then flashes.
9. Blue color comes on and then flashes.

The controller has a terminal strip for the 2-wire power cord and the Ledstrip 5 connections. (+ (Anode), R - (cathode), G - (cathode), B - (cathode), W - (cathode)).
The two wires for power supply:
  • Input + (positive power in)
  • Input - (negative power in)
The 4 wires for the LED strip or LED modules are:
  • V + (Common-Anode, shared +)
  • red V
  • green V
  • blue V
  • White / Warm White V-

Technical specifications

Operating temperature
-25 ~ +70 °
IP class
IP 33
2 years
RoHS 2002/95/EC Compliant
EMC 2004/108/EC Compliant
Dimmer / controller
Controller 4 channels
45 gram
Input Voltage
12-24 V
Maximum range
30.00 m
Number of channels
Output current per channel
6.00 A
85 x 45 x 22.5mm
Working voltage

12 Volt/24 Volt 4x6A LED-strip RGBW-Controller with RF remote control

€ 33,02
per piece
excluding VAT
Delivered within 1 working day
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Pro's and Cons

Wireless by RF Communication
Small housing
Control by APP and remote control
Small total capacity