Product description

Three-channel full color 4 zone Touch LED RGB LED-strip Controller with RF remote control and allows the use of individual colors available for use with RGB LED-strips and RGB LED modules.
  • Wireless control
  • Multiple programs
  • Brightness adjustable
  • Saturation adjustable
  • Speed adjustable
  • Adjustable zones
  • UL (E344776) and CE certified, CE, EMC and LVD approved, RoHS
This is a three-channel full color RGB 4 zone controller and allows the use of individual colors available for use with RGB LED-strips and RGB LED modules. There are 3 individual channels that can be loaded to about 6A max. Each, max. Output power is 432W. The controller memorizes the selected program, color, clarity and speed, even after switching of the power supply. Only the color saturation is not remembered.
This is a very ideal controller for all kinds of sophisticated lighting effects, deco lighting and relaxation. The controller has several built-in effects, from calming color change, up to show effects. The touch buttons and touch color wheel are used to set the colors and effects on the controller. By making use of the zones it is possible to control four controllers with one remote control.
  • The top On / Off button turns on and off.
  • With the touch ring to adjust the color of the LED-strip.
  • The slider under the ring to adjust the brightness.
  • With the M button there to select different programs
  • Using the S + or S- buttons is to adjust the speed of the program
  • Lower On / Off buttons are choices for the zones.
  • The color can be set for each zone. You do this by selecting the zone by pressing the On button on the zone. Now you can adjust the brightness and color for each zone. All zones at the same time can be in the upper On button.
In order to allow the controller to work on the remote control, these first have to be linked. You can do this by removing the voltage of the controller. Then if the voltage on the controller will put press the On button in the corresponding zone. The LED strips on the outputs now a number of times on and off.
If by mistake the wrong zone is selected, the controller and the remote control are disconnected first. This is done by the tension on the controller is put to press the upper On button and hold. The outputs go several times on and off and the zone can be reset by removing the voltage of the controller. Then the voltage on the controller and the On button of the zone press.
The controller has a terminal strip for the 2-wire power cable and the 4-wire cable to the LED-strips or LED modules.
The two wires for power supply:
  • Input + (positive power in)
  • Input - (negative power in)
The 4 wires for the LED strip or LED modules are:
  • R (red)
  • G (green)
  • B (blue)
  • V + (Common-Anode, shared +)
Click on the link below for more information and instruction on the fourth zone RGB LED-strip controller:

Technical specifications

Operating temperature
-25 ~ +70 °
IP class
IP 20
2 years
RoHS 2002/95/EC Compliant
EMC 2004/108/EC Compliant
Dimmer / controller
Controller 3 channels
45 gram
Input Voltage
12-24 V
Maximum range
30.00 m
Number of channels
Output current per channel
6.00 A
120*52.5*20.5 mm
Working voltage

12 Volt/24 Volt 3x6A LED-strip RGB-Controller + Remote 4-Zone

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per piece
excluding VAT
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Pro's and Cons

Wireless by RF Communication
Small housing
Control by APP and remote control
Small total capacity