Product description

This is an professional full color LED-strip controller and was designed for use with RGB LED strips and RGB LED modules. It is able to synthesize up to 16 millions of different colors with 3 channels. Hence it is the ideal control for all kind of sophisticated effect illuminations, deco and wellness lighting. The controller comes with several built in effects, from colour change, up to show effects. The six push buttons can be used to set the effect of the controller. 

These are:

- Mode
- Pause
- Brightness +
- Brightness -
- Speed +
- Speed -
The selected mode will be remembered by the controller, even after is had been switched off.

The controller has two connector strips: one for 2-wire cable for the power supply and one for 4-wire cable for connection of the LED strips or LED modules.
The 2 wires for the power supply are:
- V+ (positive power in)
- V- (negative power in)
The 4 wires for the LED-strip or LED-modules are:
- R (red)
- G (green)
- B (blue)
- C.A. (Common-Anode, shared +)

Factory preprogrammed effects

  1. "Seven Color Flash": Jumping, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Violet, Cyan, White
  2. "Leaning Color Fade": Gradual Change Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Violet
  3. "Full Color Fade": Gradual Change Red, White, Blue, Violet, White, Yellow, Green, White, Violet
  4. "Loop": through all three modi

Each controller is shipped with 8 factory preprogrammed effects.

Technical specifications

Operating temperature
-25 ~ +70 °
IP class
IP 64
2 years
RoHS 2002/95/EC Compliant
EMC 2004/108/EC Compliant
Dimmer / controller
Controller 3 channels
125 gram
Input Voltage
12-24 V
Number of channels
Output current per channel
5.00 A
Working voltage

12 Volt/24 Volt 3x5A LED-strip RGB-Controller

€ 10,70
per piece
excluding VAT
Delivered within 1 working day
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Pro's and Cons

Pre-programmed effects
Remember the last settings
Operate only manual