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LED Modules Waterproof

  • Channel Letter Signs
  • PC-tuning
  • Architectural lighting
  • Bridge marking lights
  • Stairway lighting
  • Emergency exit path lighting
  • Auditorium walkway lighting
  • Backlighting for billboards and teksts
  • Cove lighting
  • Vitrine and cupboard lighting
  • Display Lights in Jewelry Cases
  • Accent Lights in the home
  • Decorative lighting
  • Back ground lighting of fountains and water falls
  • Amusement park- en theater lighting
  • Floral table decoration light
  • Party lighting
  • Hanging Lantern lights
  • Lighting in Supermarkets
  • Lighting in Hospitals
  • Tuning of cars
  • Optical tuning of motor bicycles
  • Lighting in campers, boats and yachts
  • Deck lighting
  • Do-It-Yourself light clusters for any project that requires light

Price is per module
IP67 Waterproof!

Waterproof LED solid state lighting module.
Works at 12V!

Use an electronic regulated power supply only!

The LED modules already have internal resistors that limit the current through the LEDs. So, no additional external resistors are required.

The ledtuning series LED modules are a linear array of solid state LEDs mounted on an elongated circuit board. These afford high performance yet low operating costs, for commercial signage applications. They are easily transported, mount on any surface and need no maintenance.

These LED Modules are great for channel letter lighting, back and cove lighting, halo effects, low ambient wall washes, and accent lighting. They are a perfect decorative lighting product for retail, commercial, and entertainment establishments.

The LED modules can be mounted in small forms and gives a clear color. Wide viewing angle, uniform illumination and high luminous intensity.

These high-efficiency LED modules produce a high brightness and very little warmth, so it is an ecologically justified light source. There are almost an unlimited number of applications whre the modeules can be used, due to its very long lifetime (about 100.000 working hours). The LED modules are waterproof, contain no chemical waste or toxic materials, and they are fire safe.

The modules are well resistant against shock en vibration. Reliable in extreme temperatures. Shatterproof; no breakable glass. The modules perform very well in hostile environment such as extreme high and low temperatures.

Easy modular connectivity, includes adhesive tape on the back, with mounting holes for easy installation. Can easily be wired as a single block or linked to others for stunning effect! Important power reduction costs.

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