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Custom LED strips - how it works

The custom-made module offers the convenience of simply and directly ordering a customized LED-strip in the desired size. This custom-made option can be used for every application and can be completely customized according to functionality and wishes.

How does the customization module work?

Click on the page of the desired LED-strip to add a serie and fill in the size of the strip and the wire length. If desired, select the right connector, an extra wire or LED-strip, by clicking on one of the bars. Linking 2 LED-strips thus becomes very simple in this way.

At the top of the module, the matching type of wire is automatically selected and displayed. If you click on the scroll bar, you can choose another type of wire.

The number of watts of the entire configuration is calculated and displayed at the bottom of the customized module. So that choosing the right power supply is also done in an instant.

If a connector has been added in the configuration, you can choose the type of connector yourself. You select the connector by clicking on the bar. This then shows the connectors that match the configuration.

When the customized configuration is ready, click on save series. The webshop then asks if you want to add the tailor-made LED-strip to your shopping cart or if you want to make a new series.

Made a mistake? No problem! The customized configuration can be adjusted even after it has been placed in the shopping cart.

Still questions please contact us! We will gladly help you further and can advise you on the best solution.