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Payment Methods

You can pay at ledtuning.nl one of the following ways:

After placing the order you will receive the information that you need to pay the purchase amount of the order (bank account ledtuning.nl, invoice number, etc.). You pay this amount yourselves for example by means of a transfer or by Internet banking. A bank transfer can take up to 3 days before it is on the account with us. Once the amount is credited with ledtuning.nl the order will be sent to you.

Rabobank, ABN AMRO, ING Bank, Postbank, Fortis, Triodos Bank and SNS Bank participate. This payment method is possible for anyone with a Dutch bankcard and card reader. During the ordering process you can directly finish the payment. You choose your own bank and at checkout opens the payment screen of your own internet banking environment. The transaction is processed immediately. In some cases it can take up to 30 minutes before the amount is credited to our account.

Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express)
Paying online by credit card is a worldwide commonly used payment method. At the checkout, select a credit card payment. Then fill in your credit card details, you can safely enter your credit card information through our secure SSL procedure. Then you confirm the payment. From the time of ordering there will find a reservation place on your credit card instead. Your credit card is charged after two weeks.

PayPal can be regarded as an online wallet. From your bank account or credit card you deposit money in the wallet and with that money you can pay quickly and securely online. You select when choosing the payment method Paypal and then choose checkout. Then log into your PayPal account and you do the payment. The transaction is processed immediately.

Mister Cash
Mister Cash is a payment system in Belgium. If you've ordered something online and you want to pay this with Mister Cash, then it’s comparing with a payment by credit card. All you need is the card number and expiration date. Your payment is processed by the payment of the beneficiary and this will take you automatically to the payment screen of your own bank where the remaining data should be entered.

Direct Ebanking
Direct Ebanking is a universal gateway for European consumers to all internet banking systems in the EU. Instead of manually logging into your online bank to realize a manual transfer, through direct banking all transaction data are already filled in and presented. A Direct Transfer is an IDEAL-like online payment from your own trusted internet banking environment, choosing a country, then your bank and then enter your account number and then payment accept through the use of your TAN code. In principle, the method of payment in terms of safety, ease of use and speed equal to iDEAL.

Pick Up
On pickup can not be paid with cash. For security reasons we have no cash at home! Take-out is only possible if your order is paid in advance by any of the above payment options.

This payment method is only for companies and only for orders within the Netherlands and Belgium. On account buying is only possible if agreed. By postpay the invoices should be paid by the client within 30 days of the invoice date, unless otherwise agreed. Ledtuning.nl reserves the right not to deliver some orders on account, depending on order volume, creditworthiness and payment behavior of the client. Ledtuning.nl this is not accountable.