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Our Story

Ledtuning.nl exists for more than 10 years. Ledtuning.nl was created in 2005 originated out of a consultative website. In 2006, online specialist dealer has been set up. Over the pastyears ledtuning.nl has experienced an explosive growth. This growth we have achieved by, adapting our product range constantly to your needs and expanding with high-quality innovative products.
In 2012 Luxalight BV was founded, a development department for software and hardware designs with the aim of developing LED products, controllable electronics such as voltage and current drivers and the development of energy-efficient solutions for projects where specific applications are required. You can also contact us with larger projects or complex custom solutions.

Ledtuning.nl more than a webshop
Ledtuning.nl is not just a shop. Our shop is known for its customized module and extended service options. So we have provided the webshop of Private comforts. Several useful calculators calculate for you what you need and Ledstrip decision aid that helps you in choosing the appropriate strip. We also have in-house engineering, we can easily offer customized solutions via bespoke module in our shop. Through experience and extensive kennnis we can always offer a suitable solution for projects, whether they are large or small. Larger projects, complex and thought-customized solutions, calculations and wiring be done by our engineers Luxalight BV. Of course we are also in possession of a showroom. Our showroom is located in Eindhoven and visit after making an appointment.

What do we offer:
-Expertise In our field
-Always Honest and expert advice
-A Suitable solution for your project
-Hardware and software design
-Inhouse engineering
-Easy order customized through the online custom module
-Several Calculators which advise what you need

Companies within the group Zirqle
Ledtuning.nl Luxalight and are part of the Zirqle group. This is a group of independent and innovative companies with a lean specialty. Because these companies all fall under the same enterprise is the greatest power, therefore the mutual cooperation between the companies.