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Guarantee, repair, complaints


Statutory warranty
For all our products, the statutory warranty. This means that the product must be in good condition and in normal use must function properly. When you receive an item that is not the case, we offer a suitable solution as soon as possible. Depending on the item, we do this by replacement, repair or refund.

Warranty does not apply to all products;
-Utensil, which are subject to wear such as lamps, batteries or components are excluded.
- Products damaged by the actions of consumers not covered by the warranty.

DOA (defect within the trial period)
DOA (Dead On Arrival) product is a product that is defective upon receipt within a week / about. It is true that the product within a reasonable time after discovery of the defect weather should be in possession of Ledtuning.nl. You get, if the defect under warranty, sent a similar item back. Reports by the return form the defect and send the article includes a clear description, accessories and accessories and the invoice or a copy thereof in a solid package to the address you will receive from us via email after registration of your return.

Complain or defect within warranty
You can easily report your complaint or return via the online return form. Register a product complaint, we check the warranty, as described in general terms, on your personal situation. You will receive within 2 days to confirm your registration and return address.

If the complaint is upheld, all costs (including shipping) within the guarantee on behalf of ledtuning.nl. If the defect within the warranty provisions and within the warranty period of the article will be passed over to free repair or replacement of the product. If the item can not be replaced, the purchase price will be refunded.

After receiving the return Ledtuning.nl will assess whether the complaint is due to a manufacturing defect, or that this is due to some other cause not attributable to the production falls. If it is defective fall impact or water damage, the article is misused or defect within the expectations lay in normal use of the article, you can not claim in the above cases on free repair, replacement or refund.

Based on our review, we link you fall back or defective under warranty, the product can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced and whether here costs involved. In the latter case we will first consult with you before we take action.

Returning defects
To avoid confusion, we would like to ask you to send the article with a clear description of the defect, accessories, accessories and the invoice with your return. And, as far as reasonably possible, in the original, undamaged packaging. You will receive after registration of our return address via email.

Keep the proof of shipment that you receive from the employee PostNL until your return is processed. This proof do you need to track your return and can be retrieved in case of loss by us.

Warranty form
By ledtuning.nl the invoice of your order is also the warranty of your product. If you want to make a warranty claim, we ask for a copy of the invoice. Your bill can be found under your account with proof of purchase.


Repair costs within warranty
If the complaint is upheld, all costs for exchange or repair of the product within the guarantee on behalf of ledtuning.nl.

If after assessing the complaint proves to be unfounded, we will send you a quote for repair. If you choose not to have it repaired, you can research costs are charged: up to a maximum of 25 euros.

Repair costs outside warranty
For repairs or exchanges outside the warranty, it is sometimes reasonable to pay (part of) the costs themselves. Are you for costs associated with resolving your complaint article, we will inform you in advance.
Repair Period
From the time a repair article is being processed by a service (Note: this is only possible if all the data are complete), it takes up to 21 calendar days (provided that the parts are in stock) to the article to your sent back .

If the item can not be repaired or if the repair example, can not be carried out under warranty, we will inform you within this period about the further treatment.

Warranty information
Want to know more about warranty please check the website of ConsuWijzer, as you can read about your rights as a consumer. ConsuWijzer is the government information for consumers.


Would you like to report a complaint?
We will do everything possible to deliver high quality products and offer the best possible service. Unfortunately, it can happen that you are not satisfied. You can report your complaint by mail to support@luxalight.eu. You will receive 14 days notice.

Would you prefer to send a letter. You can send the letter to the following adress;
Customer Service Department
Hastelweg 260B
5652 CN Eindhoven

How is your complaint handeld?
The complaint will be answered within 14 days after receiving your complaint. If more time is needed for the handling of your complaint, you will receive a receipt within these 14 days with the time indicated when you can expect a reply from us.

If you disagree with the answer to your complaint?
We think it is important that you are satisfied with our response to your complaint. If you can not find in the outcome, you have six weeks to go for appeal. To do so, let us know by letter that you do not agree with it and that you want a different solution.

The following information must be included in your letter:
- Description of your complaint and why you disagree with our previously received response;
- Your name, address, telephone number and email address;
- Your order number;
- Your signature.

You can send your letter to:
Attn Customer Service
Hastelweg 260B
5652CN Eindhoven

The customer service acknowledges receipt of your letter and indicates when you get an answer. This will usually be within a few weeks, but certainly within three months.